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DiMarzio DP101 BK - Dual Sound F-Spaced

Electric guitar pickup
DiMarzio DP101 BK - Dual Sound F-Spaced

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Product description

  • Take a Super Distortion®, include a push-pull pot for series-parallel or single-coil operation and you have the Dual Sound®. The extra flexibility puts cleaner, crisp tone choices at your control. Lighten up on the lead tone in parallel operation, then roar back in with the standard series position. Use the single-coil mode along with your neck or middle pickup for chopping rhythm tones. If you need brighter, more transparent sounds from your bridge or neck pickup without sacrificing wide, singing crunch, the Dual Sound® nicely fills the bill.
  • Bridge position in solid body guitars, can also be used in neck and middle.
  • The Dual Sound® is the original 4-conductor version of the Super Distortion®. Originally, the main purpose of 4-conductor wiring was to switch from series to parallel modes. It is now popular in bridge position H-S-H pickup arrangements, where it can split to single-coil in combination with a middle position pickup like the True Velvet™. This combination creates very Strat®-like sounds, because the warm tone and high output of the Dual Sound® allow single-coil mode to balance with most single-coils.
  • Humbucker for electric guitars
  • Color: Black
  • F-Spaced - The distance between the polepieces is wider to fit the string spacing of tremolo
  • Output: 425 mV - High Power
  • Magnet: Ceramic
  • Wiring: 4 conductor - This enables serial, parallel or singlecoil sounds
  • Tone Guide: Treble 5.5, mid-range 7.5, bass 8
  • DC resistance: 13.68K
  • Pickup screws & springs are included
  • Upon request, the pickup can be installed professionally. Phone contact is recommended to match the installation to the customer's specifications.
  • In case of a return, please note that this product must be in an unused (i.e. uninstalled & unprocessed) condition!
  • Item condition

    Brand new, in original box, with full warranty.  

    Additional information

    Name DiMarzio DP101 BK - Dual Sound F-Spaced
    Brand DiMarzio
    Model Dual Sound
    Product group(s) -
    Category Electric guitar pickup
    MPN 200462
    Specials No


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