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Fryette Memphis 30 /Eighteen Combo

All-valve guitar combo amplifier
Fryette Memphis 30 /Eighteen Combo
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Product description

Memphis, once an important cultural center in ancient Egypt was also known as Ankh Tawy "That which binds the Two Lands", a fitting name for an amplifier design that empowers musical expression and exemplifies stylistic diversity.

Class A, Hand Wired, Boutique Values. Buzz words that sound great often fall short of great performance. It takes passion, ingenuity and innovation to bring something new to the table.

What could possibly be new under the sun in a vacuum tube amplifier? Cross-pollination of music styles and cultural influences produces new forms of expression. In Memphis, we push the conversation about the relationship between the player and the instrument to new heights.

Memphis is an innovative blend of modern technology and time honored sonic values. Modern technology brings us vastly improved component quality and reliability. Innovation enables us to extend and enhance the power and behavior of classic tube circuits, giving us a remarkably improved range of performance and versatility. If form truly follows function, the unique visual impression of the Memphis Thirty is a very good indication of the functionality and versatility one can expect to encounter.

The new Memphis series is the definition of inspiration, intuition and feel. This is what music and performance is all about.


    Front panel
  • Input HI, Input LO
  • Preamp tube compartment (removable)
  • Standby Switch
  • Pilot Lamp

  • Top panel
  • Drive Channel: Voicing Switch, Gain, Volume, Power Shift, Boost, Treble, Middle, Bass
  • Clean Channel: Voicing Switch, Volume, Power Shift, Boost, Treble, Middle, Bass
  • Reverb (Global)
  • Channel Select

  • Rear panel
  • Power Switch
  • Mains Fuse
  • AC Input
  • Ground Switch
  • 16 ohm Speaker Jack
  • 8/4 ohm Impedance Selector
  • 8/4 ohm Speaker Output Jacks
  • Line Out Jack
  • Footswitch Jack – Channel/Boost
  • Footswitch Jack – Reverb/Effects
  • Loop Bypass Switch
  • Series/Parallel Switch
  • Loop HI/LO Level Switch
  • Loop Level/Mix Control

  • Features
  • Two channels
  • Switchable Voicing
  • Foot Switchable Boost
  • Power Shift™ (30W/18W Mode)
  • Custom Three Spring Reverb
  • Series/Parallel Variable Foot Switchable Effects Loop
  • Line Out
  • All Birch Construction Cabinet
  • Elephant Hide Charcoal Vinyl Covering
  • 12” Proprietary Speaker by Eminence

  • Power output
  • 30 Watts RMS (30W Mode)
  • 18 Watts RMS (18W Mode)

  • Impendance
  • Selectable 4 or 8 ohms with two parallel output jacks
  • 16 ohms with dedicated 16 ohm jack

  • Tube Complent
    Four selected preamp tubes are accessible through a removable hatch on the brushed stainless steel front panel. Power, reverb drive and phase inverter tubes are accessible from the back of the chassis.
  • 1-12AX7 12AX7WB (Russia)
  • 4-12AX7AC (China Selected)
  • 1-12AT7
  • 4-Premium Matched JJ EL84 Power Tubes

  • Accessories
  • FC-3A Footswitch (included)

  • Actual Dimensions: 23.5 X 10.5 X 20 (60 X 27 X 51)
  • Actual Weight: 50 (23)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 28 X 16 X 26 (71 X 41 X 66)
  • Shipping Weight: 61 (28)

Item condition

Brand new, with full warranty. Original box is not available anymore, shipping in replacement packaging. 

Additional information

Name Fryette Memphis 30 /Eighteen Combo
Brand Fryette
Model Memphis
Product group(s) -
Category All-valve guitar combo amplifier
MPN Memphis-30-Combo
Specials No


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