Allpedal Macrodose - Envelope filter

Envelope filter
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    Allpedal Macrodose - Envelope filter

    Introducing the Macrodose, the pinnacle of envelope filters that fuses analog warmth with digital accuracy. This pedal, created in collaboration with Brian Marshall of Subdecay, gives you unrivaled control over your filter effects with its amazing 11 operating modes and 7 LFO shapes. The Macrodose has you covered whether you want to accurately recreate vintage envelope filter sounds or explore uncharted sonic realm

    Your guitars inherent character will come through by using the blend control to flawlessly mix in the clean signal, introducing transients back into your performance or restoring the low end on bass. You can choose from a variety of LFO shapes, including random, sine, ramp, triangle, saw, and more, using the 11-position shape knob. This adaptability gives you the power to precisely shape your sound and discover a new world of tone.

    The Macrodose® offers an EXP input for expression pedal control over several settings in each mode and is intended to be expressive and intuitive.

    Rest easy knowing that the Macrodose is made in the USA with the highest standards, and has genuine bypass switching, and is powered by a normal 9V DC PSU.

    Inject a unique sonic character into your music with the Macrodose, our top-rated envelope filter pedal. Whether you want to create a classic funk vibe or experiment with psychedelic tones, this is the best envelope filter for you. The Macrodose, which is also an envelope filter guitar pedal, offers an unprecedented level of control, enabling you to craft the perfect wah and auto-wah effects.


    • Freq : LFO frequency range.
    • Depth : LFO cutoff frequency.
    • Vol : output volume.
    • Warp : LFO speed in Manual mode.
    • Res : Behavior of LP-BP-HP filters.
    • Toggle switch : 3 of the LFO cutoff frequencies.
    • Shape : LFO shape.
    • Mode : LFO trigger modes.


    • Bypass : effect's on/off.
    • Tap / Hold : LFO activation based on tempo / different operations depending on selected mode.
    • Exp : control of effect via external expression pedal.
    • Powered in standard 9V DC.
    • Controls: Warp, freq, res, depth, blend, vol, switch shape (11 positions), switch mode (11 positions), switch lp / bp / hp.

    Allpedal is a division of Warehouse Guitar Speakers, the American manufacturer of guitar and bass speakers established in the US for over 35 years. For several years as well, WGS has also been installing their speakers in the amplifiers of several known boutique brands.

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