Collision Devices Crushturnal

Reverb / Delay / Sequencer / Crusher
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    Collision Devices Crushturnal


    Take the Nocturnal. Crush it. Get Crushturnal.

    Crushturnal is a Digital Delay / Sample Reducer / Reverb / Clock Sequencer pedal. This ambient and harmonization pedal is split in 3 parts:

    Ambience (white knobs)
    Inspired by the Nocturnal's shimmer effect, it's a cathedral-type reverb with cascaded pitch shifting effects which creates a shiny and expressive reverb.

    • FX Level: Reverb volume.
    • Diffusion: Reverb decay.
    • Filter: Low-Pass filter's cutoff frequency.

    Digital Repeater (grey knobs)
    Our take on digital delay and sample manipulation. A robotic repeater where each repeat can be infinitely sampled and reduced.

    • FX Level: Delay and sample rate volume.
    • Time: Time between each repeat.
    • Feedback: Number of repeats.
    • Sample Rate: Sample rate for sample reducer.
    • Crush: Blend between Delay and Dry signal, then going into the sample reducer.

    Ambiance and Digital Repeater sections are controlled by the (big orange) Clock knob. It's a processor clock control that acts on reverb and delay length and sample rate.

    Sequencer (orange knobs)
    Step sequencer that's added to the Clock control, it simulates clock movement as per the selected musical intervals and rate. It also has a CV/Exp input to control the clock, a CV output to control other devices, a tap tempo + a Sync input to control its rate.

    • Rate: Speed of the sequencer, ranging from 2 sec to 5 msec. Higher settings can introduce ring modulation.
    • Step Size: Each new sequencer step will create a pitch drift since it abruptly changes the processor frequencies by multiplying the Clock control frequency. The step size control allows you to choose by how much the Clock control frequency is going to be multiplied and so what musical interval will be created by the clock speed variation.
    • Mode: Direction and number of steps of the sequencer through different modes.
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      Collision Devices Crushturnal
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      Effects pedal
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      Collision Devices
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      Collision Devices Pedal
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