Dreadbox Hades Reissue

Analogue Bass Synthesizer
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    Dreadbox Hades Reissue - Analogue Bass Synthesizer


    The Dreadbox Hades Analogue Bass Synthesizer is a compact, monophonic sound powerhouse that can be used to create powerful and fat bass sounds.

    Hades is equipped with an oscillator, two sub-octaves, two waveforms and a triangle LFO with an extremely wide range. You can create monstrous bass sounds with just a few controls. The built-in oscillator provides power and warmth. With the three-pole resonating low-pass filter, the AD/RS envelope and the AR amp envelope, the sound can be customised as desired. The built-in OTA distortion circuit is perfect for creating distorted bass sounds.

    Hades has a total of 11 patch points and an integrated MIDI interface so that it can also be used with external devices such as Eurorack modules and synthesisers.


    Main Features:

    • Monophonic analogue bass synthesizer/Eurorack module
    • 1 x VCO with 2 sub-octaves (3 voices in total)
    • Pulse width and glide control
    • 3-pole 18dB/octave resonant low-pass filter
    • OTA distortion circuit for extreme sounds
    • OTA-based VCA
    • Two envelope generators
    • Attack, decay/release, sustain
    • Attack, release (VCA hardwired)
    • Triangle wave LFO
    • 11 patch points in total
    • Built-in MIDI interface
    • Can be removed from the outer housing for integration into Eurorack rigs
    • Power supply: USB power supply (1.5 watts - USB-A adapter (5v) with 1000mA or more required)
    • Dimensions: 21.5 x 13 x 6.5 cm
    • Weight: 0.9kg
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      Dreadbox Hades Reissue
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      Synthesizer (desktop)
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      hades reissue
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