Dreadbox Telepathy Bundle

Full voice Analog Synthesizer in Eurorack Format
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    Dreadbox Telepathy Bundle - Full voice Analog Synthesizer in Eurorack Format


    Plug and Play!

    The Telepathy Bundle consists of 6x Telepathy synthesiser modules and the brand new Psychosis mixer module as well as a robust 70HP Eurorack case with power supply.

    This setup covers a wide range of applications:

    • A 6-voice polyphonic synthesiser
    • One 6-voice polyphonic multi-timbral synthesiser
    • Six single voice synthesisers, each with independent control via MIDI, CV and GATE
    • A 6-voice drum machine when connected to an external sequencer

    Any of the above configurations can be combined to create a fully-fledged analogue workstation with the popular warm, clear Dreadbox sound (e.g.: 3 voice polyphony, 1 voice bass and 2 voice drums).

    Main Features:

    • Bundle with 6x Telepathy, 1x Psychosis, 1x 70HP Case
    • Features Telepathy:
    • 1x analogue oscillator (Saw, Square)
    • 1x sub-oscillator
    • Automatic tuning for the oscillator and fine tuning
    • Multitimbral coupling via MIDI for up to 8 modules
    • Dual filter with: 1x 24dB resonance low-pass filter with Osc FM and Noise FM, 1x 6dB high-pass filter
    • 1x analogue VCA
    • 1x complex LFO (free/key/track/BPM/BPM key modes, fade in, triangle/saw/ramp/square/random waveforms) that can be assigned to different parameters
    • 2x envelopes, one specifically for the VCA (with velocity control) and one loopable for low pass filter, pitch and PW
    • CV in the patch that can be assigned to all basic parameters in parallel, with a dedicated amount for each parameter
    • MIDI in/out and thru
    • CC in/out, programme change in/out
    • 16 presets
    • Housing: Eurorack format, 10 HP
    • Features Psychosis:
    • 6 channel stereo mixer module
    • One-button panning from stereo to mono to inverse stereo with CV control
    • 1 x LFO for auto-panning and Leslie effect
    • 4 x true stereo effects to choose from: Reverb - Delay - Chorus (soft) - Chorus (hard)
    • Power consumption: 80mA @ +12V / 35mA @ -12V
    • Housing: Eurorack format, 10 HP
    • Scope of delivery: 6x Telepathy, 1x Psychosis, 1x 70HP Eurorack case, patch cable
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      Dreadbox Telepathy Bundle
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      Synthesizer (Eurorack module)
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      Telepathy Bundle
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