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Sterling 4

Named after Sterling Ball, son of Ernie Ball, the founder of the Ernie Ball Music Man company, the Sterling 4 bass was first introduced in 1993 and remains in production ever since. It was named the Most Innovative Bass of 1993 by the Musician magazine. The Sterling 4 is a favorite with many well known musicians, and a perfect all-round bass. It some of its features, it differs from the classic MusicMan StingRay model: it has a thinner neck profile, more akin to the Jazz Bass neck shape, it has 22 frets and different electronics, including the „phantom coil“ pickup technology. The Sterling is rather lighter and smaller than the StingRay, and is a very comfortable bass, perfectly suited for onstage playing as well as studio work. The Sterling comes in various colors and pickup configurations, and the Sterling 5 five-string version is also available. In 2010, Music Man introduced the Classic Sterling 4 featuring a single ceramic pickup and other vintage features.

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