Neumann KH 150 W - Pair Bundle Set incl. MA 1 Measurement Microphone & Automatic Monitor Alignment System

2-way studio monitors & Monitor Alignment System

Neumann KH 150 W Pair & MA 1 – Bundle

Neumann KH 150 W 2-way studio monitor with Audio-over-IP

The new KH 150 represents the beginning of a whole series of further developments in the Neumann monitoring portfolio.

As we continue to expand our range with product updates and new models, the KH 150 is the perfect new addition: not only does it fill a gap in the KH line, but it also has enormous power reserves. Its new 6.5" woofer, which we spent three years developing intensively, offers higher reproduction accuracy than any other product currently available. With its 20-liter bass reflex enclosure, the KH 150 produces a maximum sound pressure level of 118 dB at a distance of one meter and a deep bass response down to 39 Hz!
What sets the KH 150 apart from its smaller siblings is its deeper bass response of up to 39 Hz. This is almost as deep as the larger KH 310 model, and is made possible by the new high-precision 6.5" woofer in the KH 150, which is housed in a carefully designed bass reflex cabinet. This makes the KH 150 is ideal for urban music, EDM, film music and all styles that require an extended listening spectrum in the low and high ranges. Thanks to powerful amplifiers (145 W/100 W) and sophisticated protection limiters, nothing is lost in terms of clarity even at high sound pressure levels.

At the same time, the KH 150 is a true all-rounder that works equally well with any genre from rock to classical, for radio and television, and for voice-over applications. The KH 150 has an exceptional linear frequency response from 39 Hz to 21 kHz (±3 dB). What's more, it also offers a linear phase response! This is evident in the clear midrange tones with amazing transparency and extreme accuracy in the temporal domain, i.e., precise impulse response and high-resolution reverb. This is made possible by the DSP-controlled electronics: demanding crossovers can be achieved and the phase distortions caused by analog filters are avoided. At the same time, the internal DSP sets new standards for tonal consistency, because the KH 150 is designed for extremely low tolerances of no more than ± 0.8 dB! And you can hear that, too: The stereo imaging is amazing.

  • High-precision driver, Mathematically Modelled Dispersion (MMD) Waveguide.
  • Linear frequency response 39 Hz ... 21 kHz (±3 dB)
  • Linear phase response 105 Hz ... 16 kHz (± 45°) with a latency < 2.6 ms
  • DSP engine provides room-adaptive calibration via the Neumann MA1
  • Razor-sharp sound image due to extremely low tolerances (± 0.8 dB)
  • Can be combined with other speakers in the KH series to create immersive/surround configurations
  • Colour: White

Neumann MA 1

Neumann’s Automatic Alignment is a dedicated tool for stereo sets of KH 80 DSP monitors with or without the KH 750 DSP as well as two non DSP-based KH-Line monitors connected to the analog outputs of a KH 750 DSP subwoofer. Unlike conventional correction software it is an integrated solution with novel algorithms, jointly developed with the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) specifically for Neumann studio monitors. No plug-in or special audio driver is required: Alignment data is stored and processed within the DSP-powered monitors themselves. As a unique benefit, the software not only optimizes the amplitude response but also optimizes the phase. This provides highest accuracy in terms of tonality and impulse reproduction.


In a first step, acoustic data of the listening environment is gathered in a guided process. No special acoustic knowledge is required. Simply connect your Neumann monitors to the outputs of your audio interface or monitor controller. Additionally, your DSP-based KH-line monitors must also be connected to your computer’s ethernet port. For multiple connections, a standard ethernet switch will do. 

Now plug the measurement microphone into your microphone input. This microphone was specifically developed for this software and is individually calibrated by it. The software will guide you through the measurement process.

From the measured data, the software ascertains the room’s acoustic properties. The individual correction parameters are generated according to a room-specific target curve calculated by the software. Neumann's decades of experience in calibrating monitoring systems in studio control rooms has been incorporated into this process. Of course, you can modify the target curve to your needs.

Additionally, the alignment process ensures an optimal summation in the low frequencies when a subwoofer is used. 

All resulting correction parameters are stored and processed in the DSP-powered monitors. So there is nothing to worry about anymore, no plug-ins, no driver issues. And no additional cables, either: Once the alignment process is completed, the ethernet connections are not required anymore.

Using the KH 750 DSP subwoofer, stereo sets of analog KH-Line monitors, too, can be used with the Automatic Monitor Alignment Software. The KH 750 DSP has enough processing power to align the entire system including the two analog loudspeakers connected to its outputs. Additionally, KH 120, KH 310, and KH 420 loudspeakers profit from phase linearization of their built-in crossover filters! The result is increased clarity, a dry bass, and a time-correct, more accurate depiction of reverbs and acoustic spaces.


The MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment is the beginning of a new era in monitoring. Starting with the current version, which delivers outstanding acoustic results for stereo setups, the range of software functions will be expanded step by step with updates.

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