Walrus Audio Slöer - Onyx Limited Edition

Reverb effects pedal

Walrus Audio Slöer - Onyx Limited Edition

A dark roast, Black Friday limited range of products:

 Onyx Coffee Labs is known for its innovative approach to coffee - experimenting with brew methods, sourcing high-quality beans, and the meticulous attention to detail in their branding and cafes. Walrus Audio is known for crafting unique effects that are as beautiful to look at as they are to play. With many avid coffee drinkers in Walrus’ team, they’ve loved Onyx's products, branding, and art for a long time. As active members of the music community (working with incredible bands on coffee collaborations and many team members who actively create music), Walrus couldn't wait to work together with Onyx Coffee to design this year's Black Friday Limited Series.

The Slöer Stereo Ambient Reverb builds on Walrus Audio’s popular Slö lineup but adds two additional reverb algorithms, stereo width control, two additional modulation wave shapes, and the ability to control the sample rate. Now you can create immersive, lush, modulated, sleepy, and ambient soundscapes with more width and depth than ever before.

  • Stereo Ambient Reverb Based on the top-selling Walrus Audio Slö Introduces 2 new reverb modes, 2 additional wave shapes and sample rate control Stereo or mono operation Immersive, lush, modulated, sleepy, and ambient soundscapes with enhanced width and depth Controls: decay, filter, depth, mix, width, X, stretch, mode Decay knob adjusts length of the reverb trails Filter knob control tonal shaping of the reverb decay Mix knob controls balance between dry and wet signal Stretch control to manipulate the sample rate of the reverb. 5 Reverb Modes: Dark, Rise, Dream, Rain, Light Dark: deep and wide atmospheric sounds with -1 octave reverb trail Rise: create cinematic swells with adjustable rise time Dream: lush reverb with latching pad and adjustable vibrato. Rain: tappy and trippy reverb with adjustable delay taps Light: Bright and smooth octave-up shimmer reverb. 5 Modulation Wave Shapes: Sine, Warp, Sink, Square, Random X fader controls various parameters for different programs including octave level, swell time, vibrato depth, delay tap diffusion and shimmer intensity. Stereo width control for creating wide and spacious soundscapes: wide, medium, narrow 3 onboard presets for saving and recalling favorite settings Variable low pass filter for each algorithm. Sustain switch ramps up reverb trail to maximum Sustain switch allows to capture and sustain current reverb decay for long pad-like sounds (Dream Mode) Choose between trails mode for natural decay or no trails mode for abrupt cutoff Preset spillover maintains reverb trails between same-algorithm presets Bypass switch features momentary function. Press and hold to temporarily activate pedal. Available in two finishes: lollipop blue & matte black Product dimensions: 12.2 x 6.6 x 3.5 cm Power requirement : 9V DC, 100 mA Hand built in Oklahoma, USA
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    Walrus Audio Slöer - Onyx Limited Edition
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    Effects pedal
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    Walrus Audio
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