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Eventide H90 Harmonizer - Einzelstück (Karton 1x geöffnet)

Eventide H90 Harmonizer - Einzelstück (Karton 1x geöffnet)

Harmonizer & Multi-FX pedal with 62 studio-quality effects
H90 Harmonizer next-generation multi-effects pedal. Whether you want high-quality bread-and-butter effects or experimental sounds unheard, the H90 has everything you need to inspire your creativity with an intuitive UI designed with players in mind, 62 effect algorithms, and hundreds of Program combinations curated for a variety of instruments and genres. With its comprehensive I/O and flexible routing options, the H90 is designed to be the heart of your rig.

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Erica Synths Fusion Box

Erica Synths Fusion Box

analogue effects box
Erica Synths Fusionbox is a distinct multifunctional analogue effects unit that combines BBD chip based effects – delay, flanger, chorus – with tube overdrive in the delay output and feedback path for extra thickness of sound. The Vintage Stereo Ensemble provides the classic “stereo ensemble” effect, found on many vintage synthesizers from almost any brand and make. In stereo ensemble effect, the delayed, processed and filtered sound is added back to the dry (mono) audio with inverted phase for one channel, and direct phase in the other. This gives it the distinct and unique moving character, different from that obtained with chorus effects.

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Erica Synths Zen Delay

Erica Synths Zen Delay

BPM-synced stereo delay line
Bringing together the best of the digital and analogue worlds, the Erica Synths Zen Delay is a BPM-synced stereo delay line, combining extreme feedback ranges for dub and experimental lo-fi effects with a multi-mode 24 dB synth filter and valve overdrive.

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