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Walrus Audio Canvas Re-Amp - Passive Re-Amp Studio Tool

Re-Amp Pedal

Walrus Audio Canvas Re-Amp - Passive Re-Amp Studio Tool

    Adding another tool to the musical paint pallet, Walrus Audio is creating another way to design your tone with the Canvas Passive Re-Amp. The Re-Amp is a studio tool designed to send recorded guitar, drums, or other instrument tracks from your recording session through pedals and effects, or different amp combinations. The Re-Amp makes it’s appearance to facilitate all-new ways to experiment with your songs.

  • Passive Studio Re-Amp box
  • Send previously recorded tracks through guitar pedals or different amp combinations.
  • Record your dry tracks first then re-amp later.
  • Try pedal- or amp-combinations on dry guitar tracks, drums, vocals or other instruments.
  • Explore new ways to experiment with your songs.
  • Rediscover the joy and creativeness of using outboard gear during your DAW sessions.
  • Flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Custom wound transformer that converts the impedance of your signal to work with guitar pedals and amplifiers.
  • Converts 1⁄4” balanced or XLR input from your DAW/Interface to unbalanced 1⁄4” output to pedals or amps.
  • Volume knob to control the level of the re-amp signal being sent back into your pedalboard/amp.
  • Ground lift for reducing hum if present on XLR input.
  • Phase Inversion switch for phase cancellation when needed.
  • High-pass filter to reduce low frequency when needed
  • Passive design, no power-supply required
  • Pedalboard-friendly format
  • Designed and assembled in USA
Additional information
  • Name
    Walrus Audio Canvas Re-Amp - Passive Re-Amp Studio Tool
  • Product type
    Effects pedal
  • Manufacturer
    Walrus Audio
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