Chase Bliss Audio Habit

Experimental Delay w/ Memory / Echo Collector Pedal & Looper
Chase Bliss Audio Habit

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Chase Bliss Audio
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Product description

Chase Bliss Audio Habit - Echo Collector

Experimental Delay w/ Memory

The Chase Bliss Audio Habit is a musical sketchpad. It stores everything you play for later, so you can revisit and reuse sounds from the past: Build compositions right inside the pedal, gather up loops, design custom echo patterns.

It’s an effect that can become an instrument at any time, an evolving paint-splatter of everything you do.

  • 60 seconds of delay time
  • Modifiers
  • Multi-tap
  • Looping

Musical sketchpad. Compositional delay.

Habit is a delay with a memory. It stores everything you play for later, so you can revisit and reuse sounds from the past: Gather up loops, design echo patterns, and harmonize with yourself from two minutes ago.

It’s an effect that can be turned into an instrument on a whim, an evolving paint-splatter of everything you do. Or it could just be a fun echo.

  • Use Habit’s interconnected machinery to design new rhythms and patterns.
  • Shape your echoes with two banks of modifiers.
  • Scan freely through the memory, or let Habit do it for you.
  • Collect free-form compositions by simply playing into the pedal.


Moments from the past.

Habit’s secret is a digital tape reel that records every sound that enters the pedal. As long as Habit is on, it’s recording.

At any moment, you can scan back into this history and play moments from the past–instead of, or alongside the present. This architecture makes a pile of interesting things possible: never-before-heard delays, bizarre loops and transitions, and even entire songs captured right inside the pedal.

60-second delay

We’ve tossed a whole lot of echo into Habit. Frippertronics, loop generation, and the ability to create glacially evolving scenes - a sampling of what you can get up to with all that delay.

Secondary echoes

Turn up the Spread control to listen to two moments at once. This is the key to Habit’s multi-tap abilities, but can also get into some wild cognitive dissonance. Echoes of the past and present, playing side-by-side.


Trim, filter and etc. your echoes into any shape you wish with Habit’s flexible modifiers.

+ Tape delay
+ Dissolving echoes
+ Shrinking subdivisions
+ More more more


A new kind of workflow.

Habit’s compositional side introduces a new kind of workflow, like a free-form sampler. You can build loops by navigating the memory, picking out and combining various moments from the past. Or set the memory to overdub so that long-form songs emerge just by playing into it.

You can even send the output audio right back into the input in Feed mode to record your live effects processing and knob changes to memory.


  • Mono I/O
  • Presets (2)
  • Internal modulation (Ramping)
  • MIDI (PC, CC and Clock)
  • CV control
  • Expression control
  • External tap
  • Tap tempo
  • Analog dry thru
  • Buffered bypass
  • 9VDC Center Negative ~150 mA

Joel Korte, the founder of Chase Bliss Audio, says about the Habit:

"Hello everyone! I am so excited to announce (along with a full rebrand and website) our newest pedal, Habit.

What is it?

Habit is a very adventurous delay. You can record free-form songs right in the pedal, you can navigate through a whole performance with the turn of a knob, and yes, you can just make delay sounds (that’s encouraged).

It will almost definitely open new musical pathways for you, and we’ve made an absolute heap of support materials to help you get there.

Why do we keep doing this?

Getting down to work on Blooper four years ago kicked off a pretty wild chapter for us. It was so much bigger than anything we’d attempted before, and there were so many parts we had to get right. MOOD emerged from that process almost by necessity: It was an outlet for us, compared to Blooper’s neediness. It was a pedal that didn’t have to be anything in particular, it just had to be fun.

Habit is the final member of that family, and the most ambitious.

Blooper = Loop-focused
MOOD = Ambience-focused
Habit = Delay-focused

We’re calling Habit a musical sketchpad, and it’s probably the best image to start wrapping your head around it. It lets you capture that sensation of absently doodling in a notebook and watching an image emerge. It’s a delay that lets you break away from the present moment, and create echoes of the past instead. Or both at once. It does this by recording every sound that goes into the pedal, so you can revisit them later. You can collect sounds you made 2 minutes ago and turn them into loops, or harmonize along with old playing, or build impossible echo patterns.

It’s something truly new, which led to some low-grade panic when it was time to sit-down and make resource materials. Are people going to get this? It’s half-effect, half-instrument, and it has a workflow that doesn’t really exist anywhere else.

What calmed my jangly nerves is that it’s fun. It’s a fun pedal. It goes a long way down but it’s not complicated, it’s just new. New things always take a minute to sink in. This is what I wrote to the team after really playing Habit for the first time:

“This pedal could get anyone out of a creative rut. You just play your normal nonsense for 10 minutes in collect mode, record it all, then listen back for things that inspire you and start building a song.”

It’s weird to play one thing, then hear echoes of something else. But it’s also really interesting, and really versatile. We had no idea how many things Habit would do in the end. We’re still learning them all truthfully, and I find that really encouraging.

If you’re like me, all of this might sound a little fuzzy right now. More than ever before, we’re asking you to take a journey with us on this one. Habit will mess with your head. It’s not a twist on the familiar, it’s something you haven’t tried before."

Item condition

Brand new, in original box, with full warranty. 

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