TC Electronic Alter Ego Custom Flashback Delay & Looper

Guitar effects pedal
TC Electronic Alter Ego Custom Flashback Delay & Looper

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TC Electronic
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closeBrand new, in original box, with full warranty.

Product description

Delayed World Domination
When Andy and Aaron at ProGuitarShop originally did these custom tunings, they were quite exclusive - but as the sounds are so highly regarded and sought after the world over, TC Electronic wants everyone to be able to get them!

Delay Daze
Andy and Aaron at ProGuitarShop went to town on the TonePrint software like you would not believe and came up with two exclusive Toneprints that can only be found on this pedal - let's have a look

The Echorec
So Pink Floyd they should have painted it pink! The Echorec is characterized by a very unique modulation. Typically when you think of delay and modulation you think of a chorusing effect. But this is more of a vibrato than a chorus. On lower settings it just adds a very subtle 3D effect, but if you care to crank up the volume it gives a nice warble, resulting in a slight Leslie type effect. You will notice this warble at around 300ms repeat time. It then morphs into some great swirling upper harmonics at higher delay time settings.

The DMM Setting

A clear tribute to the Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, the DMM is a classic delay that everyone with a guitar heart is very familiar with. This tuning is very focused on capturing the nuances of the echo and mimicking the unique decay heard in its repeats.

Seconds Nature
Seven seconds of delay should be more than enough for even your wildest sounds. And even at long settings, Alter Ego Delay always sounds smooth and natural.

Alter Ego Delay's Resume
- Two exclusive delay modes custom tuned by ProGuitarShop
- 11 delay types including looper
- Audio Tapping
- 7 seconds of delay
- 40 second looper
- Stereo in & out
- True Bypass
- Analog-Dry-Through
- Delay Time, Feedback and Repeat controls
- Spillover on/off
- Easy battery access
- Small footprint
- High quality components
- Road-ready design

Item condition

Brand new, in original box, with full warranty. 

Additional information

Name TC Electronic Alter Ego Custom Flashback Delay & Looper
Brand TC Electronic
Category Guitar effects pedal
Model Toneprint
MPN 280021
Specials No
Product group(s) -


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